Disney 2017: Hollywood Studios

Somehow we have already made it to the end of this Disney series! I can’t believe this is the end, but I have shared all my photos and videos and now it is over. Kind of sad because now it is like I have fully had to say goodbye to Disney for this trip, until next time Mickey. Now onto the stuff about Disney’s smallest park.


Rides and Attractions

Some of favorite rides are in Hollywood Studios! I was able to ride the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, the Great Movie Ride, and watch the Muppets 3D show. Those were all the repeats and I loved them all yet again! I know I had rode Star Tours a long time ago, but it had definitely been a very long time. They also updated it so there was BB-8 and all new scenes, it was pretty neat. Not sure why I haven’t ridden more, but I will be sure to in the future!

The new Toy Story Mania ride was super amazing! We went on it literally fifteen minutes before the park closed so we had no wait, but it was amazing! I would have waited quite a decent amount of time for that ride it was so fun. Definitely going to be one I am sure to ride during future visits.



For as many times as I can remember back we have eaten at the SciFi Diner and for all of those times I have gotten the same shrimp pasta. What is crazy is that dish has existed this long, what is even crazier is how delicious it is! The experience is so fun too as you sit in a car with a little table in front of you, all while facing a screen. It is like you are in a drive in movie theater and they play sci-fi trailers and short cartoons akin to a 1950s drive in. It is super fun and super yummy!

This park was also the only place I dared to get Starbucks. The reason is because it is way more hidden than all the other parks, no where on the outside of the building indicates that it is Starbucks other than some very small sandwich boards. Therefore, we barely had to wait and I had a nice afternoon pick me up!

The most amazing part of the food though was by far the ice cream sandwiches we had. At Scoops ice cream (it is right in front of the Tower of Terror) they put like 3 very generously sized ice cream, in a flavor of your choice, between two freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. The sandwich was so freaking huge they put it in a bowl! Not to mention it tasted so amazing. You must try one, of you are able to! Oh and a fun little story as well, while we were sitting and eating our ice cream sandwiches there was a cast member walking around handing out FREE cupcakes. That’s right. We got a cupcake for free! It was also super delish.


Park’s “Mosts”

Here is where I share the bests and the worsts with a list of mosts!

  1. Most small. There is the least amount to do and see, so an afternoon to evening trip is fine to do it all.
  2. Most renovations. The whole back section of the park is being renovated, which makes it even smaller.
  3. Most stormtroopers. Okay but seriously, they’re everywhere, and it’s totally badass.
  4. Most thrilling. The rides here are the most intense and thrilling overall.
  5. Most classy shops. The shops are all super up class and more expensive than other parks.


What I Missed

I still have never seen Fantasmic! I have always wanted to, but we always seem to make it to Hollywood Studios on one of the last days of vacation, therefore are too exhausted to deal with the crowd. Next time though I am determined! We were however able to see the HUGE Star Wars fireworks while we were waiting for the bus back to the hotel. It was literally the perfect view, we saw the whole show (the bus took a little while) and less than 30 seconds after it ended, we got on the bus and went home. No need to deal with the crowds!

I also was not feeling very well while in the park this year, so I chose to not go on the Tower of Terror. I was a bit bummed, but I know it will still be there next time. Although it may be getting a makeover pretty soon? Not sure if that is only in Disneyland or not.



Here are the last of my photos that I am sharing from Disney 2017! There wasn’t a ton to photograph, especially with such a large amount of the park being under construction. Here they are anyways! Note the size of the ice cream sandwich at the very end of the post. The picture is pretty dark and grainy, but I had to share just how massive those treats were.


And that’s it! Be sure to check out my posts on the other parks below 🙂

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