YouTube Weekly #6

So close to finally being caught up on these YouTube posts over here. I know some people only watch after I post them here, so I will not give up! Anyways, onward to the videos!


Counting Calories to Help Promote Weight Loss

I am certainly no expert, but I have been asked in the past how I lose weight through counting calories. So I figured it was finally time to share how I do it! Soon I will be sharing what I eat in a day to share what I eat to fulfill my goals. So keep an eye out for that if interested.


Vlog: 23rd Birthday Vlog

I am now 23! This was the first year where I probably wasn’t overly excited for my birthday anymore. Does that make me old? Haha. Anyway, I had a wonderful and simple birthday, and just filmed a tiny portion of what happened. Kyle and I made some music with straws and ChickFilA sauces too, which I found hilarious and fun, so if nothing else, you should watch that part of this video!


How We Met

March 23rd is what Kyle and I consider our (dating) anniversary, and in this video I talk about how it all started! I realized when the anniversary came around this year that there are a TON of people in our lives that weren’t around when we met, and I figured they may be interested!!


Food Friday: 3 Ingredient Caramel Sauce

This stuff is so good! Unfortunately I am on a diet…and haven’t been to the gym enough recently…so it has mostly only been sitting in my fridge. I pretty much dream about it, so I should probably just get my butt to the gym and burn tons of calories so I can treat myself to some of this on some ice cream! I did use it in the frosting for my birthday cupcakes though, and that recipe will be up tomorrow!


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I hope you enjoyed yet another post of my week in YouTube! I am almost caught up on these posts–thank goodness–so soon these will stop showing up randomly//multiple times a week :). Be sure to check out my other YouTube Weekly posts below, visit my channels above, and let me know in the comments below what your favorite video was this week!

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