YouTube Weekly #3

How is it already February!? I can’t believe how fast this year is going by already, and it has been an interesting year to say the least. This week I shared some favorites, some weight loss, and some bacon scallops. A pretty random but exciting week, check out what I’ve been up to below!


January Favorites

In case you haven’t seen one before, a favorites video is just that! I share in this video my favorites from the month of January. I cover a snack, quote, book, tv show, life, and some beauty stuff too.


Vlog: Cat Wants to Live in Bag

Last week we snagged an awesome buy one get one free DOZEN on bagels. So yeah. We ended up with 26 bagels, many of which went straight into the freezer, and a huge brown paper bag. Although Kyle and I were way more excited about 13 free bagels, Sterling was all about that bag. He played with it and bite so many holes in it, I almost felt bad throwing it away a few days ago! See how much loved this bag in the video below 🙂


Weight Loss Journey Part One

I get really real and talk a little bit about my journey with weight and share my plans for weight loss! Currently, I am trying to get my weight back down to where I like it. I have been eating unhealthily and barely working out for about six months, so it is time to just be healthy and fit and in shape again.


Food Friday: One Pan Scallops and Bacon Cream Sauce

So the day after my weight loss video I shared one of the most fattening (but delicious) recipes I have ever made! These scallops were so good, but I mean, cook anything in bacon grease and it is bound to taste pretty amazing.


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