YouTube Weekly #2

This was an exceptionally fun week on YouTube for me. I talked about finding my wedding dress, pretended to eat cat food, shared my way to curl short hair, and made avocado toast…that was heart shaped. Like what!? So much excitement and neat videos to watch this week! Read more//watch all videos from this week below ūüôā


How I Almost DIDN’T Have a Wedding Dress

I was only engaged for eight months, which is a decent amount of time, but it is definitely not long by any means. Also most dress shops will recommend you order your dress ten months in advance. By the time we went dress shopping I only had six! On top of that we found nothing we liked for a long time. Let’s just say there was a period time where I thought I wasn’t ever going to find a wedding dress. You’ll have to watch below to find out how it all went down!


Vlog: Crazy Lady Eats Cat Food

Okay, so, spoiler alert I only¬†pretended to eat cat food. It was all for Sterling because he REFUSES to eat dry food. I have never met a cat that hasn’t eaten dry food, until this one. I love to feed him his wet food, but it is expensive! Not to mention Bengal’s have sensitive stomachs so we already buy him premium cat food. If you love cute cats and/or crazy cat ladies (yes, I’m talking about myself) you gotta see this week’s vlog:


How to Curl Short Hair

I seriously freaking love the way my hair turns out when I curl it this way. Also I didn’t mention this anywhere in my video, so if you are reading this you are really getting the secret scoop, but this is actually pretty much the same way I curled my hair when it was long too! I just used a wider barrel curling iron. Anyways, if you like watching beauty/hair videos, this one is certainly for you.


Food Friday:¬†Avocado Toast – Valentine’s Day Inspired

I mean, it’s avocado toast. It is heart shaped. Tastes delicious. If I haven’t sold you yet, I don’t think¬†I’m able. To see how I take my avocado toast and got these fun shapes, be sure to watch below!


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I hope you enjoyed my videos from the week! It was a crazy fun and creative week for me, and I can’t wait for what is in store for this coming week. Be sure to subscribe to my channels to be the first to know when¬†I put out new videos!

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