YouTube Weekly #1

Yay for new posts and exciting things and for putting something up on a Saturday! This one is up totally late because I was trying to figure out exactly how I wanted it formatted, what I wanted to say, and so much more but I am super excited to be posting my first YouTube Weekly!!

In case you don’t already know, I have a YouTube channel that goes with this blog and also a vlog channel where I show little bits of our daily life. Until now! What? Things have changed? Keep reading to get more info 🙂


New Post Schedule Announcement

Well here it is! I was sick and tired of trying to make blog posts that could also be video. It was also way more work on the days I was posting because I was posting and promoting two different pieces of content.

I loved the amount of content I have been publishing though, so I really didn’t want to change that up much. To see when I will be posting and where check out this video:


Vlog: Cat Breaks Guitar

Okay so spoiler alert, the cat totally does not break the guitar. However I did come very close! In this weeks vlog we have tons of cute kitty footage, me restringing a guitar, and our first snowfall of the year!


Large Clothing Donation

I really want to start giving back more, so this week I made sure to do it by making a large clothing donation to a local thrift store! I try to go through our clothes every six months or so, and I am always shocked by how much stuff we have. It really is quite silly. Not mentioned in the video, I did set some stuff aside that was barely worn/nicer brands that I may try and send to ThredUp to see how I like that service. I will definitely be sure to post about how that goes if I go through with it!


Food Friday: Mango Kale Smoothie

Okay so a smoothie isn’t exactly food, but it is blended up food! Also this green smoothie may just be the one to change your mind about green smoothies and/or kale. I used to not care for kale, but I have found amazing ways to use it the past few months. In addition to this smoothie recipe I also have a post on potato kale soup that is super delicious too!


I hope you enjoyed this little post summarizing my week on YouTube! These posts will be up every Saturday afternoon moving forward, so if you like watching videos, these are certainly the posts for you! Thank you so much for reading, watching, and continued support.

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