Favorite Holiday Candles and Essential Oil Blends

Favorite Holiday Candles and Essential Oil BlendsOne of my favorite parts of the holiday season is filling home with yummy and warming smells! I love burning candles at night and diffusing oils during the day. I find this works best for my home because the candles help create a great cozy atmosphere in the evening, and the oils I use have lots of energizing properties so they are great for the day time!


Today I am going to be sharing four candles that I love! I often go for sweeter smells during the holidays, but occasionally I will find a great spiced scented candle as well.

My all time favorite candle at Christmas is Cinnamon Caramel Swirl from Bath and Body Works. This candle just smells just like fresh cinnamon rolls. It is incredible and really warms up the home! Another favorite from Bath and Body Works is White Barn’s Merry Cookie. This cookie smells like-you guessed it-cookies! Apparently I love when my candles smell like desserts… Anyways, unfortunately this exact scent isn’t carried anymore (boo) but a VERY similar scent is Frosted Cupcake. Again with the desserts.

Favorite Holiday Candles and Essential Oil Blends

These next two candles are from one of my favorite place to get candles, TJ Maxx. They offer a ton of variety in brands and scents, including soy candles! The best part though is you get them for those TJ Maxx prices–translation: cheap. My first favorite that I found this season from there is the Fireside candle by Celerie. This candle is very spiced and warm smelling and is just extremely comforting in the winter months! The last candle I am sharing is Peppermint Twist by Vesta. This candle just smells like candy canes and white chocolate to me, and I love how cute the white jar/wood lid it came in is! Will probably be reusing that once the candle burns out.

Favorite Holiday Candles and Essential Oil Blends


Essential oils certainly have their skeptics, but I am not one of them! I have personally had essential oils help me many times in my life, so I am a huge believer and promoter. I especially love the benefits of diffusing essential oils. Diffusing is even more fun at the holidays, as I try to find scents that remind me of Christmas. Check out the video below to see my favorite blends this season!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my favorite candles and oils this holiday season. Be sure to leave your favorite candle or oil blend in the comments down below so I can expand my selection!

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