Christmas Decor

Christmas Decor

Christmas Decor It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Not only have we entered the glorious Christmas season, but my home is sparkling with Christmas decor galore! This week I am sharing with you just the general decor that is in my home, and next week I will be showing my tree. I have been loving finally having my own space this year decorate, combine that with my favorite holiday/season and holy smokes you have one happy chica. Most of the decor I got at Target or Michael’s–for specifics be sure to watch the decor video at the end of this post!


Upon arriving at my home you would see these two welcome mats. I am not a huge fan of words or pictures on my welcome mats, so I tend to go for patterns and these two gave me just that! The snowflake one is actually a bath mat (an accident when buying) so it is quite small, but it still does the job. It definitely is not super heavy duty though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it looks pretty raggedy half way through our snow season!

I have mentioned this before, but there is a flight of stairs leading from my front door to the main level of my apartment, so I like to decorate the little corner of the stairs to give the space a little more life! In the fall I had some fabric pumpkins, and apparently I stuck with the fabric theme again with the snowman and polar bear that I chose to put there! The stockings I chose for this year are also in this section, even though they actually reside in the living room…more on them there.

Christmas Decor Christmas Decor Christmas DecorChristmas Decor

Living Room

Starting out with the last photo in the previous section are our monogrammed stockings and snowflake stocking holders! I love these little items so much and can’t wait to use them for years to come. They are currently sitting on what are my end tables, stacked on top of one another, because I had to completely rearrange my living room in order to make room for my tree. Yay for having to improvise in my tiny apartment living room!

Next up is my favorite space to decorate each season, my TV stand! I went with the same basic concept as I did in my fall decor scheme: garland on top with a vase of flowers, two trays of filler, and a bunch of figurines/decor. I basically just stuck to a red/green/white/silver color scheme, buying pieces and greenery that I loved. The only pieces that are left over from seasons past are the candle holders, gifted to me by sweet husband and even sweeter Nana : ). I am super please with how this all came together.

Christmas Decor Christmas DecorChristmas Decor
Christmas DecorChristmas DecorChristmas DecorChristmas Decor


There isn’t much to say here other than I got holiday towels and rugs to go in the kitchen! These pictures also feature my fuzzy snowflake socks that I love oh so much. That last set of flowers shown at the end are what is sitting on my table for the Christmas season, with the same tall vase as before.

Christmas Decor Christmas Decor Christmas Decor


If you are wondering where I got any of this decor at all, watch the video above as there is where I share all of that information! Next Monday I will be sharing my Christmas Tree decorations, so be sure to come back next week for more Christmas, more decor, and more sparkle!

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