Preparing for Kitty

Kyle and I are so excited to be bringing home our kitten within the next 2-3 weeks, and we have been buying all the things we will need to make our little guy happy! We have a name picked out, but are keeping it on the down low until he comes into our home 🙂 For those of you who may not be all caught up on the kitten business he is a silver bengal kitten and he was born on August 20th and he is just the cutest dang thing I have ever seen!

There has been a lot we have had to buy in order to prepare for his homecoming. We started by getting all of the essentials for him: food bowls, food to fill them, a litter box, scoop, litter, etc… That stuff was kind of boring, but definitely necessary! We decided to get a little bed for him too, which I placed on top of our hamper.

Then came all of the fun stuff–toys! I ordered a cat tree on Amazon, and oh my goodness it is just the greatest thing! Bengals are very playful cats and love to climb and explore, so hopefully this will do for him for at least a little while. In addition to the colossal tree, we also got a few mice and balls and one of those feather on a stick things that cats love (do those have a real name?).

Other than that there is just the little latch we bought to keep the door propped open to the litter box (as seen above). Loads of pictures and videos to come of our little guy, including the day we pick him up! So be sure to follow me on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram where I will be sharing the little bundle of joy!
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