House Updates

It has already been 5 months since we moved into our new place, and so many changes have occurred! Considering the last time I gave a full update was when I moved in, there have been quite a few changes since then.

A few weeks ago I shared with you all my fall decor, which did a give a preview to some of these updates (click here to see that post). But there are so many other new things we have gotten that have made our home more organized and put together!


Living Room

In the living room I was very excited to get end tables that matched our TV stand! These end tables were SUPER affordable too, which is an added bonus. I have also included photos of the A & K that I have hung on the wall and our TV stand all full of decor!

Kitchen and Entryway

We got a TON of amazing new kitchen appliances and gadgets as a result of our wedding (thank you everyone!!!). I have just chosen to showcase our little tea and coffee station, and our brand new table and chairs!!

In addition to our new kitchen items, I set up the space behind our front door so that our shoes and coats are now neatly organized behind there. I just bought one shoe rack and a tension shower curtain rod to make this space look the way that it does!


I finally got our bathrooms organized and nice looking, and it really just brings the house together. The first images are of our guest bathroom with the shower curtain that I love oh so much! Next up is our master bathroom which only has a standing shower, so no cool shower curtain there…but I did pick up this little counter organizer which makes our chaotic sink look a bit more organized.

I also got this over the door hook rack from Target and hung up our towels on the door to our little storage room. In addition we got a little door stopper to go in there because our kitty’s litter box is back there!!

I hope you enjoyed these little updates and pictures of our home, and a little preview to some changes we have made because of our kitty! More updates to come on him and all the other items I have purchased to welcome home our little furball.

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