Favorite Wedding Photos!!!

There are no words for how ecstatic I am to be doing this little post! My wedding photos came in this weekend and they are just absolutely STUNNING! Now disclaimer, I am just sharing the prettiest and funnest images to me, so a lot of the reception and the ceremony and family shots aren’t in here–but they were all great too!

All photo creds go to the wonderful and amazing Tori Radick of Meagan Nicole Photography. (click either of those links to get the deets)

I don’t even feel like writing anymore words because these photos speak for themselves. Enjoy 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this small sampling of wedding photos, and I would highly recommend checking out Tori and all the wonderful ladies at Meagan Nicole Photography! I follow all of them on all forms of social media, and that may make me creepy, but it also means I know that those three ladies are seriously talented! Anyways you should totes check them out, and I’ll catch y’all very soon.

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