St. Maarten – Sunset Dinner Cruise

Our dinner cruise while on our honeymoon in St. Maarten was probably one of the most relaxing things we did all vacation! There were also a ton of unique experiences and sights we were able to have while we sailed…read on for more about that.

We arrived at the marina only a few minutes early, but still early enough! We took our shoes off, got onto our boat, and took a seat along with a ton of other people. I say a ton, but what I really mean, is about twenty people or so. Oh and the CUTEST two year old ever. She didn’t cry for more than like a minute one time either. She was just such a little sweetheart.

Once everybody is on they go over some basic rules of the trip, what we will be doing, and that there is a net you can sit on in the front of the boat. I was ALL about that, and sat on that net basically the whole ride. I am a little obsessed with seeing water and seeing fish and other creatures in the water, so this was perfect for me.

So we sailed for about half an hour as the sun was going down, and I ended up actually feeling a little boat sick…ugh. This always happens to me if I am in any moving vehicle with an empty stomach, but for some reason I had just not eaten for hours and hours before going on this boat. Fail. And of course when I get motion sick I get really crabby, so Kyle was surely enjoying my company at this point ;).

Anyways we finally dock (after about only ten minutes of feeling sick) where we are going to eat dinner and I finally start to feel better! Then all of the sudden, and this is where it gets interesting, we notice everyone on the boat is talking about the same thing and looking over at one of the huge villas we happened to be docked near. So we look up and sure enough there is a topless lady getting photos taken on the deck of her villa. Surprisingly though, with St. Maarten being topless friendly, this was the only time we experienced that for our entire trip.

So after we ate, drank, and had our “show,” we sailed on back to the harbor where at this point the sun was completely down. They turned on some dance lights and music and people started dancing around the boat. Now I had like maybe two drinks the whole time we were on the boat, and Kyle as well, but most the other people clearly had a few more than two. It was pretty funny to watch, so we were enjoying ourselves and then one of the coolest things ever happened!

Okay so it may not have been the coolest thing ever, but I was so in awe by it! I spotted a plane that was clearly coming in to land probably about three minutes or so before it actually did, but I didn’t realize how close to the airport we actually were! In St. Maarten the airport is on the very edge of the one part of the island and right next to beach. You may have seen pictures before with like commercial airplanes flying right over a beach, and more than likely it would have been here. So to get back to my story, I saw the plane coming in, and I kid you not, we could have practically touched the plane if we had jumped. It was SO dang close, and so neat to watch it come in the whole time.

The plane landed safely, the people on the boat kept dancing, and then we arrived back in the harbor and headed home! The boat trip was so fun and honestly the dinner was a bit mediocre, but the drinks and the hordouvres they served were spot on! If you have never had a chance to take a sunset dinner cruise, I highly recommend it as it is both relaxing and kills a ton of time in the evening hours.

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