Moving On

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Some of my favorite posts to create are when I just write down my feelings and life events. I enjoy doing this periodically so that someday I can look back and reflect on how much has changed and where I have come from. It has been a long time since I have written a post solely on my thoughts and life, so here it is.

Since graduating college last December, I feel as though I have been living in an in between. I was engaged so I was wedding planning and didn’t want the pressure of a full time job, so I stayed part time at the restaurant I had been working at for a year and eventually got in the substitute teaching system. I was comfortable financially, mentally, and in every way imaginable. Then a lot of huge life events take place and I really started to think about what I was doing to best advance my career.

On July 20th of this year, my cat passed away. He was my first pet, was nearly 18 years old, and I was hit hard. It was a 21 second phone call, but it really rocked my world. Then things turned around and July 29th was my wedding, followed shortly by a five night honeymoon in St. Maarten. Those two weeks contained some of the saddest and happiest moments of my life. I had been planning my wedding and honeymoon for about seven months, and just like that it had passed.

I kept asking myself, “now what?”

It has only been a month since the whirlwind of my wedding settled, but I have found some peace in pondering on that question–and some answers.

First off, I quit my job at the restaurant. The hours were becoming too much, and I want to focus on my teaching career more than I have since I graduated. In addition, I applied for a more flexible part time position that I don’t want to give too many details about now, but I am super freaking excited about the prospect it holds.

Kyle and I are also getting a cat! And not just we decided we want a cat and are now looking, like we put down a deposit on a kitten and I could not be more thrilled. Much more to come on that later when we bring our little fur baby home! For now I will share that he is a male silver bengal, and you should totally Google image search silver bengal to see the coloring because they are so dang cute. Expect to see many pictures of the little booger towards the end of October.

Lastly, debt. Yeah, that big old ominous cloud that many adults deal with because of college. Anyways, we are making strides at eliminating our debt. I won’t go into too much detail as money is always a touchy subject, but it has really put my mind at ease lately.

Just like that, I am moving on in life. I have new beginnings on the horizon, and am starting to shape a life that I want for myself. For the first time in a long time, I am not only excited for the future, but I also have an idea of what that looks like.

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