St. Maarten – Princess Heights Condo Hotel

I am so excited to be revisiting our honeymoon this week, and to be sharing it with all of you! I wanted to start off this series with where we stayed, and honestly it was so much better than I expected. We were in such good proximity to things to do, places to eat, and our view was incredible!

Finding the Hotel
Okay so this was definitely the worst/hardest part of the entire vacation. Not only was I driving in a foreign country, but it was raining the entire time, and we had very crappy directions to begin with. We did eventually find it, but it was mostly luck. I basically had pulled on the side of the road to try and figure out the directions and pull out our phones for GPS, and as I was pulling out of where we had stopped, I saw the sign for our hotel. It was kind of a miracle.

This was definitely one of the struggles of the island, because even when we used GPS, often times the directions it provided us were wrong, so if you ever visit the island, be sure you know where you are going before you get in the car! We started doing this the second half of our trip, and we had  a much better time with navigation

The Room
Once we got to the hotel checking in was super easy, they brought us to our room, and I was so shocked with how huge our room was! I knew going into it I had booked a suite, but the amount of space in that place was crazy!

Everything about the room was simply great. The bed was so comfy, we had no problem with the water being the right temperature in the freezer, the fridge came with complimentary beer and water, and we could have breakfast any day we called it, for $10pp. We took advantage of the breakfast twice on our trip, and were happy that they gave us a different assortment of pastries each day.

Room service came everyday in the afternoon, and always refreshed out towels and remade the bed which was great. The hotel included beach towels in every room too, which saved us room when packing! The only thing was they didn’t replace our beach towels when they took the old ones away. Fortunately we ended up not needing them after the third day anyway… More on that tomorrow.

Oh and the views!!!! My mind was blown by how amazing our view was. We could see and hear the ocean, had a great view of the hills and some homes, and on a clear day could even see St. Barths! It is kinda hard to see in most of the pictures, but on the horizon you can see what looks like another island, and that’s it! I meant to take a good picture on a clear day, but always forget to… oops!

I was very pleased by the location of our hotel in proximity to the beach and restaurants. We stayed what was pretty much a two minute drive from Oyster Bay and Dawn Beach. This area was perfect for us because it was quiet, so the beach was relatively empty most days, and there were three different restaurants to eat at! One was a beach bar by day, and a grill by night, the other was a seafood restaurant, and the last was a French inspired restaurant. There was also a small breakfast and lunch bar in the bay called Stardocks…I loved the name, and the food!

We ate at all three of the restaurants on different nights of our vacation. They all were good, but our favorite restaurant from not only that area, but the whole trip, was Big Fish as they not only the best seafood we had the whole trip, but also the best drinks ;).

There was also a convenience store which we stocked up on snacks, drinks, and a few breakfast items. We probably visited the convenience store three times during our trip, most of the time it was just after dinner at one of the restaurants in that area though.

All in all I would definitely recommend staying in this side of the island! Our hotel was Princess Heights Condo Hotel, and the other two hotels in the area were the Oyster Bay Beach Resort and the Westin Dawn Beach Resort and Spa. Be sure to check back tomorrow where I will be talking all about our snorkel trip, and every other day this week to find out more about our adventures in St. Maarten!

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