St. Maarten – Captain Alan’s Boat Tour

After a few days of rest in St. Maarten, Kyle and I woke up nice and early and went to Captain Alan’s four hour, three island, and snorkel boat tour! It was definitely one of my favorite parts of the vacation and I got a ton of underwater footage of what we saw, a lot of which you will see in our honeymoon video on Friday!

The Boat
Our crew was simply amazing, super helpful and knowledgeable about the island and what we were seeing, but the boat was what really made the trip! The boat we were on had seating where we could sit on the front of the boat facing outwards, which was really cool! We only got to sit on the front on the way back to St. Maarten, but it was really fun and would highly recommend trying to get on that boat if you ever have the chance to take this tour!

Three Islands
The three islands we saw were St. Maarten, Tintamarre, and Pinel Island. So really to me, it was a two island tour, as all we did on St. Maarten was get on the boat. Tintamarre was where we went first. It was a beautiful, small island, that was mostly a nature
preserve. It was uninhabited, and where we did all of the snorkeling.

We then ventured off to Pinel Island, which is a popular tourist destination to St. Maarten. There was a beach, a beach bar, a few shops, and it was just an overall fun place to be, with a very shallow water beach and no waves. Captain Alan’s also provided us with sandwiches at this point in the trip, and beer, water, and sodas throughout the entirety of the trip.

As mentioned early, our first stop on our adventure was the island of Tintamarre. We started off on the one side of the island where our mission was to try and find sea turtles in the sea grass. Because of the recent storm, we were told that there may not be many around, and that was definitely correct! I swam around for probably at least half an hour and only saw one! Kyle didn’t get to see any, but I was at least able to capture the one I did see on film and show him later. There were also lots of fishies, and a beautiful beach hang out on.

Afterwards we took the boat around to another side of the island where we got the snorkel around a reef. This part was literally breathtaking and beautiful and by far my favorite part of the whole tour. There was a ton of coral and other sea vegetation, in addition to a ton of fish swimming around randomly. Just simply gorgeous, and possibly the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

Captain Alan’s Boat Tour was definitely one of our favorite parts of our vacation, and definitely did not disappoint! I would highly recommend going on this tour if you ever find yourself in St. Maarten, and be sure to check out our video on Friday where you can see all of the awesome footage I got of us snorkeling!

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