St. Maarten – Butterfly Farm and Phillipsburg

Welcome to yet another post about our vacation in St. Maarten! This one doesn’t involve any pretty beaches or the ocean, but it does have tons of butterfly photos!

So basically Kyle and I were quite literally fried from our first two days in St. Maarten, partially because we are pale and partially because our sunscreen was no bueno! Side note DO NOT buy Target brand sunscreen, unless you like being so burnt it hurts to move. Due to being burnt to a crisp, we decided to stay mainly indoors on Wednesday, and went to the island’s butterfly farm and shopped at the shops in Phillipsburg.

Butterfly Farm
There isn’t real much to say here other that there were a TON of beautiful butterflies flying around this place. They did have a guided tour that was short and informative about the butterflies on the island. The best part about the place was with any purchase of a ticket, it is good until the end of your stay on the island, so you can go back as many times as you want! I would highly recommend visiting if you ever get a chance!

Shopping in Phillipsburg
I had heard that shopping in Phillipsburg was great souvenirs, but what I didn’t know was that shopping in Phillipsburg is the main place to shop on the island. There were a ton of jewelers (like real expsensive jewelers), camera stores, computer stores, etc. All goods in St. Maarten are duty free, so it is actually a good place to get things like cameras, computers, etc. as you can get it tax free (and for the same price as you would in the states).

It was slightly annoying that most shops had someone standing outside inviting you in, but they weren’t too pushy! If you are good at ignoring people like me, it isn’t so bad ;). Luckily, there were a ton of souvenir type shops too and we were able to pick up a few goodies while we there! We also got a coffee mug while we were at the butterfly farm that morning. All that we got can been seen below!

All in all, we had a pretty good day for spending most of the day indoors. That night we got to go on our dinner cruise, which I will be writing my post tomorrow on, and you don’t want to miss it! Some crazy stories happened that I can’t wait to share. Be sure to check back tomorrow for that story, Friday for more stories, and for our video as well!

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