I Got Married!!!

I have been MIA on my blog for almost three weeks. The break was unannounced, but I definitely needed time to focus on everything that was going on! Time to get back on my Tuesday/Friday posting, and I am so excited because I have a lot of great content planned.

So as the title suggests, and I am sure anyone reading this already knows, I got married! Two Fridays ago, on July 29th, 2016, I was fortunate enough to marry my best friend :). The wedding was really everything I could have ever imagined, and more. We had great food, great company, great music, and dancing–lots of dancing.

The Deets
The weather was perfect, warm, but luckily it was an evening wedding and it cooled off fast. The ceremony was nice and short (just as I wanted) and officiated by a close friend. I didn’t even full on cry! Which is shocking because everything was like a dream.

Once the ceremony concluded we took a ton of photos (a few featured down below), we had our first dance, father/daughter dance, and mother/son dance, and then there were toasts–and they were perfect.

My best friend gave a toast, which was super light hearted, genuine, funny, and LOVELY. And then my Dad got up and oh my goodness you guys. The tears were flowing not only from my eyes, but nearly from nearly every set of eyes in that place. It was seriously beautiful, and genuine, and authentic, and I am just seriously the luckiest!

Then came the food and drink, shout out to John Nolt’s BBQ and Kelli of Just Bartending, and it was all delicious! We had ribs, and BBQ chicken, and shredded cheesy potatoes, and countless other yummy foods. The drinks were also great, Kelli kept them coming all night long, and remembered many of the people’s drink of choice! Everyone loved her!

And then came the dancing–oh the dancing. I was thrilled because everyone was out on the dance floor all night long! Our DJ Taylor Courtney of Bring on the Bash did just that — brought on the bash. We all danced for about three hours and only took two short breaks for bouquet/garter tosses and for desserts (also delicious and amazing).

Overall, I think the night went really well, everyone seemed to have a good time, and it all went off without a hitch! I was shocked! So many people had prepped me ahead of time to not get held up on the little things that went wrong, but I literally couldn’t find one thing that went wrong! You can see how happy I was in a lot of the pics below ;).

The Pics
So far I have three previews from our wedding photographer–who is BOMB by the way. Huge shout out to Tori Radick and her second shooter Meagan Keller both of Meagan Nicole Photography. If you live in Central PA, seriously check these ladies out. They are the real deal!

The first three are those photos, and the rest were captured by family and friends! Many on phones and otherwise, so please excuse the quality of some of these 😉

Thank you to everyone who captured moments of my special day, and I can’t wait to show off my wedding photos when they all come in!


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