Eyelash Extensions

Natural eyelashes compared to eyelash extensions.

I am SO freaking excited today for many reasons. Partially because what I am talking about today which is my new and improved eyelashes, and partially because of my exciting announcement for upcoming posts!

Okay so before we get all into the eyelashes lets get the announcements over with.

  1. Although I have been very infrequent in posting, posts will resume to the planned Tuesday and Friday schedule that I originally intended on.
  2. Friday posts will either be accompanied by a video OR be a stand alone post and there will also be a video on one of my YouTube channels!
  3. Next week there will brand new posts EVERYDAY Monday thru Friday all about what Kyle and I did on our honeymoon, and quite a few pictures too! So if you have been curious about that be sure to check in here on the regular.

Now onto the eyelashes…

Why I Chose to Get Extensions
My wedding was coming and I was definitely married to the idea of false lashes ; ) . I originally thought I would just wear strip lashes and they would be longer and fuller, but I never really loved the look of strip lashes, I just loved the length/volume. Now I was definitely aware of the fact that you can pay more for strip lashes that look more natural, but I wasn’t really feeling paying more for essentially the same item.

I had heard about eyelash extensions mostly through people online, but I had always been intrigued by them and thought that I might get them myself someday. I naturally have very long, but very light lashes. They are pretty much the same exact color of my skin, so if I wear no mascara, I have no lashes at all.

So anyways, I was up late one night before the wedding (as I was most nights in the weeks that led up the wedding) and I decided 10 days before the wedding that I was just going to reach out and get eyelash extensions, if there was a time available. I couldn’t stop thinking about how great it would be to always have lashes, especially on the honeymoon, because I could get away with basically no makeup if I had lashes! Luckily I was able to get a time, just a short six days before my wedding

Getting Them On
The questions I get asked most about my extensions are how much it costs and how they do it. Now the costs varies based on location and experience, but be wary of people who charge less because they may not be certified, and therefore may ruin your lashes. Anyways I would say your first set should cost you somewhere in the $100-$200 range, and each fill about $40-$60 depending.

The lashes are put on one by one, glued to your natural lashes, while you lay down, with your eyes shut, for two and a half hours. Now I have big eyes, so I assume with most people it would take closer to two hours, but I am only sure of my own experience! At first I thought this would be so hard/weird to lay still while someone is messing around with your eyes, but honestly, I could barely feel a thing while they were getting put on. Where I go for my lashes they put on music, lay you on a bed with pillows and blanket, so it is very easy to relax and let the time pass.

My Experience (So Far)
LOVE. That is the one word I would use to describe them. At first I was daunted by all the rules: no mascara, comb them daily, don’t pull at them or rub your eyes, be careful not to get them wet the first 48 hours, no oil based make up removers, try not to sleep on your belly to not crush the lashes, and the list goes on and on. But honestly, as a low maintenance kind of person, I have found it very easy to keep my lashes looking great.

I just comb them once to twice daily, rub my
eyes from underneath instead of on top (which works just as well), and
don’t wear eyeshadow or eyeliner other than for special occasions. I have felt the upkeep has
been easier than I expected, and am definitely grateful for that!

I have had one fill so far which was much shorter than getting the initial set, it only took about an hour and ten minutes, and it is the best feeling! Right before I went in my lashes were definitely starting to look crazy because it had been a full three weeks, and once the were redone, they looked so great all over again!

Basically if you are lazy like me, love the look of mascara, and can afford them, I would definitely recommend at least trying out eyelash extensions! Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any further questions, and be on the look out for my honeymoon posts everyday next week!

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