Fitbit Comparison & Review

Fitbit Alta and Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbits are definitely a craze that many have joined lately, that I am definitely guilty of joining. I am already on my third one…and I will get to why I am on my third one shortly. But first and foremost, let me start off this post by saying I have loved all of Fitbits, and I feel you can’t go wrong with any of them.

My Fitbit Journey
As previously mentioned, I am already on my third Fitbit. My very first Fitbit was the Charge. It was my first, and I loved it, but it fell off one day never to be seen again (AKA, I lost it). I was devastated when lost my Charge, but I didn’t have the money right away to buy a new one. So I waited a few months and then bought the Charge HR, mainly because it had a watch like clasp so I knew it wouldn’t fall off like my last one had. I even contacted Fitbit directly about my lost device, and they sent me 25% discount, so I got the HR for less than I had paid for the original Charge

I loved having a Fitbit again! I was very happy with the Charge HR, as I was with the Charge (it wasn’t really that different) and then right after I had bought my new device, the Alta was announced. I really wanted the Alta because it was slimmer, sleeker, had an interchangeable band, and was just plain cooler looking. Again, I didn’t have the money right away, but I started putting money away every week until last week I finally was able to purchase the Alta!

I am so happy with my new Fitbit, that I thought it would be helpful to compare the two devices I have had, and the pros and cons of each.

Fitbit Charge/Charge HR
The Fitbit Charge and Charge HR were great fitness trackers, and I enjoyed them both greatly. The biggest downfall with the Charge was that it fell off a lot, which led to me eventually losing it. The other problem I personally had was I ordered a large in the device because I was very in between sizes, and wished I had ordered the small.

Purple Fitbit Charge HR on wrist.

· Monitors heart rate and elevation (floors climbed)
· Button on side as well as tap for stats
· Receives call notifications
· Charge often fell off (not a problem with the HR)
· Pretty bulky
· Charging cord didn’t stay in very well

Fitbit Alta
I have only had my Alta for a few days, but I already love it so much more than my previous Fitbit. It is the right size, unlike my last one, and it just looks so much nicer on my arm.

Black Fitbit Alta on wrist.Pros:
· Very sleek design
· Able to change color/style of band so that it can be dressed up better
· Charging connection stays in very well
· Recieves text notifications in addition to call notifications

· Doesn’t monitor heart rate or elevation
· No button, must tap to see stats

Final Thoughts
All in all you can’t go wrong. I think that both the Fitbit Charge HR and Alta are great fitness trackers that can fill different needs. I have been able to accurately track my activity and lose weight with both devices. It really comes down to personal preference on the look and the importance of heart rate and elevation. For me, heart rate and elevation were not that important, so I have not missed it since switching to the Alta.

I will definitely be Fitbit wearer for awhile, and for now, my device of choice is definitely the Alta.

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