Bachelorette Party!!!

This past weekend was my bachelorette party, and it was just simply a blast. I feel so grateful that I have such great friends who were willing to take the time and make sure I had a memorable night. Here’s what all went down and how it happened…in brief  ; )

The Story
So this is what I knew before Friday:
1. I was having an overnight party
2. My three roommates from college were organizing it
3. I was being picked up at 3:00 pm

…and that was pretty much it.

I had no real plans for Friday, so I spent most of my day finishing up packing, laying on the couch on my phone, and getting ready. In fact I spent much more time than usual getting ready because I wanted to look cute! It was my party after all!

So 3:00 rolls around, and my friend Mikayla picks me up right on time. It was just the two of us, and we were going to meet the other girls closer to our destination. During our car ride she reveals to me that we are going to Liz’s house so everyone can meetup and combine into one car for the night.

About an hour and a half later we arrive at Liz’s, and no one is home. So we call her, try and find a key outside from her instructions, try all the doors on the house, all with no luck. Hence the picture below.

About an hour later everyone has arrived, and we get in the car, and head to……..Philly! I was so excited to experience the night life in the city, and it was the perfect place to be for a bachelorette party.

We arrived at our AWESOME hotel (seriously, my girls picked a good one) and started to get all ready for our night on the town! I got decked out in my tiara with veil attachment, beads, light up rings, and sash, which some might call the mandatory bachelorette party attire. We went out at like 8:30 PM and made bold claims to each other of staying out until 3:00 AM.

Let’s just say we had a great time, and I am so happy that my friends are so much like me. After visiting three places we were tired, getting bored, and our feet were killing us way before our planned three in the morning end time. It was about midnight when we called it quits, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The next morning we ate breakfast in the city, and headed out. I got
home around 3:00 PM and basically just sat around feeling so happy and
grateful for the friendships that I found at college with these
wonderful ladies.

The Gifts and Swag
I had so many things to walk away from this party from, and I am so grateful for all of them! The white ‘Mrs.’ shirt I found randomly at Target the day before the party, so I just HAD to buy it…and clearly, I did. I just thought it was too cute and too much of a coincidence to pass up!

The purple tank one of the girls had made up for me, and she also had matching ones that said ‘bridesmaid’ for all of them! On the back is our apartment where we lived together too, which is basically the reason all of us are super close and so much the same others would probably think its weird.

In addition to my shirts, I got to come home with beads, light up rings, my veil tiara, bride to be sash, and some of the decorations from the room! These girls seriously brought on the decor and swag, and I am so grateful they did because now I have a lot of items to cherish and remind me of the great night we all had together! I also got a bride chalice, which I was requested to eat cereal out of. Ladies, this one is for you.

Overall the party was a huge success, I have the world’s greatest friends, and I am officially counting down the days until I am a Mrs!

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