Flower Hour

Ever since moving in to my own space, I have been obsessed with making floral arrangements! I find so much joy in going to the store, picking out some DIY bunches, and coming home and putting them into a beautiful decoration for my home.

Today I am going to show what I do weekly to maintain flowers in my home. A weekly time I like to call, Flower Hour.

1. Assess old flowers

Before I even go shopping I do a quick visual assessment of the flowers already in my house. I determine what is still alive, what can be repurposed, and what is dying. This week, TWO of my arrangements were still looking great, minus having dirty water, but the third was a different story.

Since the carnations were the only ones doing well in my large arrangement, I separated them out, trimmed the ends, and placed them in a smaller jar. I like to keep smaller arrangements on my dining table as well as on my TV stand, so I try to have two each week, and at least one large arrangement.

2. Move old arrangements to fresh setup

Every week my flowers are in desperate need of a new home. I usually water my flowers every 2-3 days, but I just pour in more water with some flower food instead of replacing it each time. I probably should replace it each time, but I am honestly just too lazy ;).

If I am keeping flowers for another week I get a fresh jar and water (with some flower food) and move them on over.

I love using mason jars for my florals because it keeps the arrangements uniform, I have a ton of jars, and they are so cheap!

3. Make new arrangements

Then comes my favorite part: making new arrangements! I usually pick 2-3 DIY bunches from my local grocery store and put them together. This week I just grabbed two, as there wasn’t much that caught my eye.

I always trim, and deleaf all of my flowers first. Not having leaves sit in the water will help the water stay clean and your flowers live longer! So I just make sure to take off the leaves that would normally sit in the water.

Once that is done, I start placing them in an arrangement from biggest to smallest. When everything is looking close to how I like, I often trim around a bit to make the arrangement a little more uniform, and then I am done! Other than the huge mess I always seem to make… Which is why I always do this outside.

And there you have it! A glimpse into how I get, create, and maintain flowers in my home. Some weeks I reconstruct my larger arrangements into smaller ones, some weeks I buy all new flowers, some weeks I just have less flowers all together! It all depends on what the store has, and what I have to start with.

I love posting my new floral arrangements to Instagram, so if you don’t already, be sure to follow me there!

I hope this inspired some of you to go out and get some flowers for your home, room, or even for a friend, and if it did, have a happy flower hour, from me to you.

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