We Moved!

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you have seen over the past week and half or so I have been moving. This move was extra exciting for me because I have moved in with my fiance. This is our first time living together, but neither of us had lived completely on our own before. Therefore, there are a lot of things we didn’t have, and even more things we still don’t have.

Here is a sneaky peaky of what has gone in so far since we have moved in, and some plans for what I hope to be able to do to make this space a home!

The master bedroom is where we have done the least amount of improvement so far. Basically we just took all of the furniture from my bedroom at my old place and put it in this one. We also have a guest bedroom which is where all the furniture from his place went. Our guest bedroom is a complete mess right now, so no pictures of it for now, but here are some pics of the master:

Queen sized bed set with grey comforter, mint pillows, and black end tables.

White desk with a desktop computer and a vanity next to it.

The two desks is one of my favorite new additions in our home. I got the second desk (the one on the right) for real cheap on Amazon, and it serves as my vanity! I use that one chair and just roll it back and forth for wherever I happen to be sitting at that moment, but it has really turned into a really functional space in my home.

Living Room
Our living room is where we have made the most changes so far, because we had the least amount of furniture to fill it coming in. My lovely parents donated their old TV to us and we got the couches for free from a friend. I brought all of the pillows, covers, and blankets from my old place, and luckily they neutral enough that they are working out just fine for now!

Almost everything else we bought, the main pieces being the desk, desk chair, and TV stand which are all from Amazon. I also added a plant to the corner to add some life, which I got with the pot from Stauffers Home and Garden Store (local to south-central PA). Here’s what we are working with so far:

TV mounted on a wall over a natural wood TV stand.

Couch with pillows, an end table, lamp, and a plant in the corner.

Corner desk with natural wood and slate top.

The kitchen is such a nice size, and I have been cooking up a storm in here already! There isn’t much to show or say here, but I thought many would be interested in seeing it! Our kitchen overlooks our living room, so it is a pretty open layout for an apartment.

Kitchen with natural colored cabinets

This is my first space to decorate and I have been having so much fun doing it! Here are some of the things I have bought and spaces I wish to fill up, and I can’t wait to finish them and share with you all later!

The decorations shown first are on/in the TV stand and are all from Target. The white shelves shown later are from Target as well, but the decorations are all more sentimental and are from a whole bunch of different places. The mats shown at the end are on the inside and outside of my front door and are both also from Target. Yes, I really love Target (but who doesn’t!?)

Three pieces of star shaped wood with an American flag design.

A reflective brown glass votive candle holder.

Candle in a decorative metal tin.

Shelves filled with varying decorations.

Mostly empty shelves with a few varying decorations.

Rug on the inside of the front door.

Fun, bright, and colorful aztec design welcome mat.

So there is a little preview of my home so far! I plan to do many more updates as I get those shelves filled up, spaces organized, and more furniture bought. To stay super up to date on my home, be sure to follow me on Instagram @alexslifeblog.

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