Tiny Flowers and Tiny Adventures

Recently I have found a new appreciation for the littler things in life–quite literally. I have found quick trips to the store with a friend refreshing, tiny flowers so fascinating, little coincidences have seemed like destined signs from the universe, and small achievements have felt like huge victories. Little adventures this week led me to my huge realization that I love the little things in life, and that I have been ignoring them for a majority of it.

Morning Errands and the Orchard
A few days ago my roommate had strong itch to go  out and get coffee, and I couldn’t help but tag along. On our way to our coffee shop of choice, we decided to stop at the local drugstore to get a few things we had been needing. Small detour, big achievement.

We continued on to get our coffee, and our way home somehow decided to go to the orchard. I had wanted some canned peaches and applesauce anyway, but when we got there we were completely distracted from our mission by all the beautiful colors that awaited us in their nursery.

Flower beds and hanging pots of flowers at an orchard.

White and purple daises

Pink calla lillies

When we first arrived I took so many wide shots and pictures of bigger flowers. I was captivated by the lilies, the daises, the tall vined plants that towered above me. As I traveled on through the rows and rows of flowers, the more my eyes started to drift towards the smaller flowers and plants.

I loved seeing how detailed and colorful these little gems could be and how they appeared as little splashes of color in a sea of green. I left the orchard that day feeling calm, refreshed, and with a new found obsession for tiny flowers.

Sign describing that succulents are easy to care for, surrounded by succulents.

Tiny blue flowers.

Little purple flowers.

Little white flowers with blue and pink in the background.

Walk with My Roommates
That next afternoon I went on a walk with two of my roommates. I had been feeling a little lazy and low all week, so I was so ready to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air with my best friends. Within the first two minutes we saw this pretty sidewalk chalk drawing with my name above it. Now whoever drew the picture probably just has the same name as me, but I felt like it was the universe’s way of telling me I was doing alright.

We continued our walk and towards the end I saw this beautiful bed of–you guessed it–tiny flowers. I loved the way they seemed to paint this house’s front yard with pink and purple.

Girls walking on a sidewalk wearing leggings and sneakers.

Chalk drawing that says "Alex" in the sky with a sun next to it, a rainbow, and tulips underneath.

A sea of small pink and purple flowers.

This week I started to actively pay attention to the little things around me. I was continually captivated and surprised but what I had been missing before in my life. Not taking trips to the store for only one thing, ignoring small signals around me, trying to always see the bigger picture. I had been missing the satisfaction of making small accomplishments by always trying to achieve bigger things. This realization has changed me, and I am certain it is for the better.

Sometimes it is the smallest things that make the biggest difference.

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