Big Life Changes: How I’m Getting Through

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My life is going through a series of changes right now, and has been for awhile. I got engaged, graduated college, started wedding planning, acquired a second job, found a new place to live, and decided to start this blog. As I leave college life and transition into “the real world” I have never been more stressed, unstructured, and excited as I am. I have let my life wander a bit aimlessly for awhile now, but among the changes I am facing I have found a few things that have helped steady my stride. This is how I am getting through.

Progress is Progress No Matter How Small

Just because you aren't making progress as fast as you think you should, doesn't mean you aren't making progress. Keep going.

My whole life I have striven to be ahead, do more, and do better than my peers. Once I graduated college, I started to feel my life slow down a bit. It got to a point where months had passed and I found myself questioning whether I was doing enough, if I had become too lazy, if I was really cut out to be an independent and functioning adult in society (dramatic, I know). Then one day while browsing around the internet I saw a post that said: “Just because you aren’t making progress as fast as you think you should doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress. Keep going.” Then it hit me. I was making progress, everyday. Even though it was more gradual and slowed down than I had typically advanced in the past, I hadn’t stopped reaching for my goals. I’ve become content with letting my life ride through this slower season. Afterall, don’t the slow and steady win the race?

Stop Caring What Other People Think

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I was only 21 when I got engaged, two weeks later I graduated college (a semester early), and decided to get married only eight months after my engagement date. All of these situations came with various amounts of praise and critique. Many thought I was rushing into things, that I wasn’t spending enough time in the present, that I was going to look back and regret how quickly I moved on with my life. Although I am the first to admit to rushing into things, that’s just it. That’s me. I am bold and adventurous and hate waiting around watching life pass me by. I am go-getter and I will always find the quickest way to get there. In spite of the critics, I felt like what I was doing was best for me. I had to actively choose to block out anyone telling me I shouldn’t, can’t, or won’t. I held steadfast to my beliefs and persevered to create the life I envisioned for myself–not the one others expected.

Quality Dates with Quality Mates

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No matter what season in life I am going through, this is the most important routine I keep in life: spending time with people worth my time. Being around people who build me up and make me feel an inner calm is an immeasurable asset. I try to find time in everyday that I can go out on an adventure with someone, and sometimes, that someone is myself. Whether I am going grocery shopping, grabbing a bite to eat, or wandering the aisles of Target with a latte in hand, getting out of the house and into the bustle of life keeps me motivated and inspired. I have found I most enjoy starting my day out and about leads to a more productive me. As a result, breakfast dates have become my jam. For me there is nothing better than discussing life in the early hours of the day while sipping on some good coffee with some even better company.

Find a Creative Outlet

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For me, this is it. I am starting this blog in order to have a hobby where I get to create and share content that I feel passionate about. I have dabbled in the world of blogging probably at least ten times before, but this time I am really hoping to make it permanent. Each time has failed for many different reasons. I was frustrated with the progress, I thought if people found out what I was doing it would be weird and embarrassing, and I didn’t tell anyone I was blogging other than my fiance. In these many failures though I have learned from myself and will continue this time remembering to keep an open mind and an open heart. Progress is progress no matter how small. Stop caring what other people think. Quality dates with quality mates. This is my creative outlet.

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